FAME (Fine Arts, Music, and Expression)

FAME Program at the Grand Rapids Kroc Center
Students from Brookside Elementary rehearse for a dance performance in the Kroc Worship & Performing Arts Center

In April 2019, the Kroc Center launched our first session of FAME (Fine Arts, Music & Expression) with students from Brookside Elementary School. For six weeks, 4th and 5th grade students visited the Kroc Center once a week to focus on art, music, and dance. Students worked toward an end-of-session performance, as well as a gallery showing in conjunction with their showcase.

The program is funded by a grant from The Salvation Army to promote and increase fine arts exposure. In addition, the Kroc Center received support from local businesses like Southtown Guitar and the Grand Rapids Ballet who assisted with instruction for the students.

Attila Mosolygo, director of the Ballet School, talked about the FAME program and the benefits of ballet for his young students. “The lessons they learn go beyond ballet and dance in general,” he said. “The importance of movement is a great habit to teach young students. It is dance, and they don’t think of it as exercise. It is fun, and it also helps them focus better in the classroom.”

We asked students what they like about our FAME program and Derion (age 9) said, “I like the music and making the clay animals. I also like the ballet, because I like football and they say you need good footwork to be good at football.”

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to run the FAME program last school year. We’re excited to start the program again this fall. We can’t wait to watch these students grow their love of fine arts!