Kroc Church

We acknowledge that all of us are on a journey. We’re at different places, coming from different experiences—oftentimes headed in very different directions. Our world offers many paths to choose from, but we believe that the God who is over all things has a path marked out for each of us. So how do we choose? That’s a question that we’re constantly exploring in our church community.

We want to be a church known for relentlessly seeking the LORD and His truth. We serve a great and loving God who is for all people, and we want to be a church that reflects that. Because the truth is, as neighbors and families, friends and companions, we’re not called to journey alone. Here at the Kroc Center, we are privileged to be located in such a vibrant and diverse community, and it is our prayerful passion to love God, love others, and serve and love our community in Jesus’ name.

We invite you to take your next step on your spiritual journey by coming to one of our community gatherings. Wherever you are, it is our hope that you are able to discover just what a beautiful journey life can be with God directing our paths.

Church at the Grand Rapids Kroc Center

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10AM Every Sunday

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Major Carol and Lieutenant Jack Huffman

Our Officers:

In The Salvation Army, officers serve as pastors of the church congregation as well as administrators for the community-oriented ministries that happen within the facility. Major Carol and Lieutenant Jack Huffman were appointed to the Kroc Center in 2021.

Major Carol Huffman – Senior Kroc Officer

The daughter of Salvation Army officers, Major Carol grew up all over the Midwest. She served in a Corps appointment with her late husband, Captain Scott Lewis in Fond du Lac, WI. She also served in McHenry County, IL, in multiple roles at Territorial Headquarters, and as the Divisional Development Secretary and the Divisional Secretary for Business in the Midland Division (serving Missouri and parts of Illinois).

Lieutenant Jack Huffman – Kroc Officer for Congregational Life & Mission Integration

Lieutenant Jack is a first-generation Salvationist who came to the Army through the Adult Rehabilitation Center in Flint, MI in 2013. He was commissioned as an Officer and appointed to the St. Charles, MO Corps in 2019, and was married to Major Carol the same year. Lt. Jack is trained as an HVAC technician, sheet metal fabricator, and meat cutter. Away from the Kroc Center, you’ll often find him outdoors on the water or working with his hands in some way!

Meet the Kroc Church team

Melissa Roemer

Executive Administrative Assistant

Kayla Welch

Youth Development and Ministries Manager

Patrice Franks

Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Matt Aho

Spiritual Life Coordinator